Total Drainage Solutions

About Us

At our drain company, we are committed to providing you a reliable, honest and an efficient service, and our engineers go above and beyond to achieve this. As part of our bespoke service, we serve customers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Our Goal

Our objective is to provide you an outstanding service, and our engineers always go the extra mile to achieve this. Building a rapport with you is an important aspect of our company as we like to meet your exact specifications.

Drain Problems

At Directslow Ltd, we understand that blocked drains cause major complications and health problems. Therefore, we always aim to fix the problems quickly. Here is an example of the problems a blocked drain can cause:

‘After the blockage, a mass root on the pipe connection.’ In 4-6 months, the roots will block the pipes again, potentially causing a crack in the pipe. This would effectively break the pipe, leaving the owners with an expensive repair bill.

Our engineers are more than happy to assist you with any drainage problem, including blocked drains and overfull septic tanks.

An Honest Service

Honesty is the best policy, and therefore, we provide free estimates for our services before any of our engineers have visited the site. After you have received the estimate, there is no obligation to proceed with the service. Plus, there are no call-out fees or extra hidden charges incurred to you.

Why Choose Directflow Drainage Solutions?

There are many reasons of why you should choose us, these include:

  • After Unblocking Your Blocked Drains, We Carry Out a Free CCTV Investigation and Provide You with a Report 
  • Professional Advice 
  • No Call Out Fee Charges 
  • 24-Hours / 7 Days a Week Response
  • Professional and Friendly Customer Approach

Contact our expert team at our drain company in Reading, Berkshire, regarding our comprehensive list of drain services.